Monday, June 1, 2009

apa sih artinya sahabat? klo buat gw akan lbh menganggap org itu sahabat gw kaloooo.. org itu ada disaat gw susah..bukan disaat gw happy..
days by days... gw skrg lbh tau mana yg sahabat gw, dan mana temen yg cuma buat seneng2 doang.. tp lately.. gw lbh sadar lg..temen yg tadinya cm buat seneng2 doang aja..udh menyebalkan..hahahha..
kejadian tgl 21 kmrn buat gw buka mata..mana yg sahabat mana yg engga.. mana yg bener2 care sm keadaan gw..even telat.. tp mrk msh mau tau keadaan gw.. tp ada lah org yg bener2 cuek tuh.. dan dia ky gitu krn dia lg sibuk dg pacar barunya.. **menurut looo..wktu lo jomblo lo sama sapa nyet?** dan dia bs cuek..krn dia ga tau rasanya jd posisi gw dg keadaan yg ky gni tuh gimana..
bukannya gw mau nyumpahin.. tp klo nanti someday dia ngerasain apa yg gw rasain skrg.. dia baru taaauuu rasanya ky gmana!!
dan bodohnya gw..ini tuh dah kejadian utk yg kedua kalinya..oh no.. tp kli ini gw bener2 dah cape.. give up gw..

yg penting dan bersyukurnya gw.. gw masih punya sahabat yg bener2 care.. dia ada disaat gw susah dan happy.. sahabat ga harus kasih advice yg bagus2.. ga harus peluk gw kenceng2.. atleast..dia punya kuping yg bisa dengerin gw ..thats it!!

i miss rizkie so well!! and thank you for haniya and lail... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

f*** religion!!

whats wrong with religion huh? i dont believe in religion..but i do believe in one God, well in this case i believe in Jesus. And i dont care what people believe in to.. u can say that i dont have a deal with other people long that people believe in God (whatever).

im saying like this not because i have a boy who has different religion with!
i dont think he believes in his god..hahaha.. i think he's an agnostic..
but i respect on what he believes into..and i hope he will do the same as well.. (for now..yes we do).

Buuuttt... why there are some people very2 KEPO with our difference!! in the other side..both of us dont care bout that..hahha funny isnt?
and the most kepo is my mom..hahahha.. whats wrong mom? as long we're not getting married..just chillin laaa... but if someday we're planning to be married..let us solve the problem.. there are singapore, australia, hongkong..or the nearest is bali.. :D
and dont forget one thing mam.. you and dad also in different.. and you can make a deal with that,right? so please stop buggin me..with your theory which u didnt do so well for yourself!
So irritating to see my mom act like that.. pls dont judge my boy only from your perception.. know him better.. please.. he's so different with my previous..

well i can say fuck religion! they just think that their religion is the best religion..ohhh hell NO! that you called best religion when you say other people is wrong and you are the right???
religion A says they are the best.. then religion B says they are the oldest.. and religion C says hate other religion and dont have relationship with other people who different coz if you do, you will go to hell... OH NOOO.. what kind of religion like that?
the right religion should teach bout love other people even that people different..

thats why..i dont believe in religion.. i live right now not because of my religion..but my God who loves and cares me with His power.
but for formal thing..yeah u can say im a christian..but not in frontal way..

one thing, please dont make this world getting worse just because of there are so many religions... but please live this world with many colors of religions of faiths..
stop judging people based on what their believes in.. it can't guarantee anything..
example.. my mom doesnt like my boy just because he's a moslem..what kind of judging is that??? and she like one of my ex..just because my ex is a christian! hahahaha... what the hell huh?!!

the point is.. i love my boy whatever he believes in...hahaha..


Monday, May 18, 2009


AHAAAYY.. WE WON (AGAIN)!! hahaahha..

Shangri-La, JW Marriott, Premier XXI,,, here we cooomeeeee :)
Would like to thank you for every single person who helped us with their love, patience, skill, and money...hahahaha..
Especially for my boy..maaccii ya egaaaaa udh mau bantu kita latian sparing, extra joss en setia dlm hal antar jemput..dan penonton setianya TSG..hihihihi xoxo deh pokonya!!
================== WE WOOOONNNN ================================

Thursday, April 30, 2009

We did it girlz...cant wait for the FINALE!!

We WONNN the semi final and just wait for the FINALE on Friday 08th of May 09 at Samba Futsal.. BRING IT ON GIRLZZZ.. HIT NO NAME WITH NO MERCY AT AL!!!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Anger is all I have!

huuurrrgghhh >_< sebel gw udah seubun2!!
gw dianggep apa yaaaa?? kaya iiiaaaaattttt... better gw ga tau deh klo gini caranya..
jangan harap ada action apa2 dari pihak gw... no way!!
gw ga bakal maki2.. tp.. jangan harap gw akan berkata2.. SILEENTT!!!

udah bukan Pride is all i have.. tapi.. cuma ada AANGGGEEERRRR!!
dulu gw bisa diinjek2.. kali ini gw ga mau kaya sapi yg ditusuk idungnya.. yg cuma bisa manut aja!! oooggaaahh!! geeraaaammm!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i miss my mommy

Mommy.. pls go home sooonn!!
I just realized something important.. that.. I can't live without my mommy..
huhuhu.. she is a amazing person!! she can take care everything so well!!

Actually she take care of me so damn well!!
I love my mommy..and I realized when she's far away from me.

huhuhu.. mommy... go hooommmee!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Companion

Really sweet... he always try to beside me.. whenever, wherever, even I didnt ask him to be here.. but he tried :)
The sweetest thing is.. when TSG played on 1st match last week, 1 hour before the match begun..he said that he had a meeting.. but... when we were ready to playing.. DOOORRR!! he showed up!! so sweeeett ^_^

The way he treats me..different with the other (my exs) hihi..and i love the way he loves me..

Verlijfd op hem :)